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The PEPERCAM CLEANING staff are Self-Motivated, Independent women who provide the highest quality cleaning services that PEPERCAM CLEANING is recognized for.


Our long-term cleaning specialists are single women, moms or stay-at-home mothers working to help contribute to their family’s financial future.


Hi this is Dena Brezarich owner of PEPERCAM CLEANING


I started PEPERCAM CLEANING as a single mother of 4 children not BECAUSE I wanted to…BECAUSE I had to. PEPERCAM CLEANING is still growing after 8 years and continues to expand services offered.


PEPERCAM CLEANING, LLC was started in 2011 initially as a residential cleaning company by Dena Brezarich who wanted to implement her talents and interests in maintaining clean, organized and healthy living conditions for those unable to provide these services for themselves and their families. 


Employees of PEPERCAM CLEANING are hardworking, local women with a knack for cleaning and organizing combined with a service-oriented personality.  They thrive on helping make life easier for others by using their talents and skills creating cleaner, more organized and more comfortable home environments.


The PEPERCAM CLEANING staff is proficient working together as a team, discussing issues and concerns in a respectful and professional manner to develop a plan that addresses the homeowners needs and goals resulting in a satisfied customer experience!


Our ultimate objective is to create the cleanest, safest, most efficient living space for our clients to feel comfortable in and alleviate stress associated with feeling overwhelmed by clutter or household chores...because,


Our core value are what sets us apart from your average cleaning company All employees are non-smokers and undergo criminal background checks. 


Although based in Murrysville, PEPERCAM CLEANING offers services to the surrounding area, primarily the Eastern Pittsburgh Suburbs.


Meet the PEPERCAM CLEANING team…They are reliable, trustworthy, honest and caring women. 



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