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Do you feel overwhelmed by layers of dust bunnies, dangling cobwebs, tumbleweeds of pet fur, clutter, furniture that can be mistaken for a chalk board, and coatings of soap scum so thick it acts as a non-skid surface?


Have no fear PEPERCAM CLEANING can make it all disappear!


This is the most satisfying cleaning service that our customers come back for again and again.


Because PEPERCAM CLEANING has been in business for over 8 years and we have done hundreds of deep cleaning services that our customers rave about…Because we assure each room gets the full attention and satisfaction your home requirements.


Some homes take longer to clean, due to the size and number of rooms and that’s not a problem for us…So we want to make sure you and I don’t miss any part of your home that needs to be spotless.


Does that make sense? YES…Great. Let PEPERCAM CLEANING wow your family and friends when they walk into your home.


Here is the step-by-step DEEP CLEANING we offer that will ensure your home is the cleanest it’s ever been.

What Our Home Deep Cleaning Services Include:


Kitchen Deep Cleaning: (scrub, wipe, towel buff & disinfect) outside kitchen cabinets, shelves, drawers, appliances, windows, ledges, blinds, light fixtures, ceiling fans, switch plate covers, spot clean walls, remove cobwebs, counter tops, sinks; wet wipe all baseboards, wood trim, door handles, sweep, vacuum, scrub & mop kitchen floor.


Front Entry: Spot clean walls as needed, wipe switch plate covers, front door, clean glass screen door, wipe edges, baseboards, remove cobwebs, clean inside closet, sweep, vacuum, mop hardwood floors, disinfect hand railing, vacuum carpet steps.


Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room, Home office: Remove cobwebs, clean vents where needed, wipe all switch plate covers, outlets, baseboards, spot clean walls as needed, clean inside window and ledge, sliding glass door and track, sweep, vacuum and mop hardwood floor.  


Powder Room:  Remove cobwebs, clean light fixtures, mirror, switch plate covers, disinfect sink, vanity, scrub & disinfect toilet, wipe baseboards and hand clean floor.  


Hallways: Remove cobwebs, spot clean walls as needed, wipe doors, clean inside closet, clean switch plate covers, wipe baseboards, vacuum carpets.


Bedrooms: Remove cobwebs, spot clean walls, wipe doors, clean switch plate covers, doors, handles, clean inside windows, blinds, ledges, wood trim, baseboards, vacuum carpet.


Bathrooms: Clean mirrors, light fixtures, scrub & disinfect sinks, counters, toilet, tub, shower  & hand clean floor, straighten towels, vacuum rugs and empty trash.


Your home will be clean and ready for you when you get home from shopping, working, playing or vacation.



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