What Happened to My Home?

By Dena Brezarich

Your home is a reflection of the lifestyle you have created and is a representation of the image you portray to others.   It starts with your own vision, your imagination.  You purchase your gorgeous dream home with amazing curb appeal or you put all your passion and energy into a fixer upper to reflect your personal creativity. 


Carefully, you select the beautiful color scheme from hundreds of samples. You contemplate over counter materials, granite, marble, butcher block.  Add some shiny appliances, original backsplash designs, trendy bathroom fixtures, elegant flooring, plush carpet and custom cabinets.  The designer furniture arrives displaying your style and personal taste.  Finally, you top it off with special photos and sentimental decorations. 


This is your labor of love for your entire family to take pride in, relax and enjoy! You have passionately transformed your home into a personal masterpiece, an expression of your interests, talents, values and taste.


 But life goes on and we have other things to do. So many priorities so little time. Your time is valuable. Decisions need to be made about what to focus on.  We multitask inefficiently.  Some things get done, some tasks are ignored, or put on the “to do” list that just gets longer as each day passes. We struggle to keep pace with work deadlines, return phone calls, run errands, car pool to activities, schedule appointments, get groceries, care for sick kids, etc. 


Then…you realize… it’s happening.  Slowly, but definitely, you begin to notice a sense of irritation; but you can’t put your finger on it.  You feel tired and unproductive.  Little things start to bother you. You see a thin layer of dust.  You quickly brush it off with your shirt sleeve before anyone notices. Then the pile of clutter begins to accumulate.  The junk mail piles up. Trash overflows.  Is that a banana peel under the couch? Clumps of mud, grass and dried leaves welcome you as you return home.  You kick it under the throw rug.  That dust has become a bit fuzzy behind the TV…It is now an official dust bunny!  There is a clump of dog fur that blew across the floor like tumbleweed.   Is that a splatter of yellow beside the toilet? You try not to look. The glass door is smudgy from wet dog slobber. Tiny fingerprints smear across the refrigerator door.  You trip over a backpack thrown down in the hall.  You step on a Lego in the family room.  Why does the dog have a Blow pop stuck in his fur?  You can’t make dinner because last night’s dishes are still in the sink.  You still have to check homework.  You kick your way through the laundry on the floor to fall into your unmade bed.     You lay there and realize that it is official.


Your personal palace is turning into a pigsty!


But you are too tired to give it the time and attention it deserves. A sense of dread and failure overwhelm you. 


Then, the doorbell rings. The dog is barking.  Your mother-in-law is on your front porch!    Panicked, you scan the rubble around you, round up the kids, “shush” them and duck into hiding.   What will she think of you if she sees this mess, this clutter, these piles, this dirt???   


Oh NO!   She knows you are in there. Your car is in the driveway.  You quietly try to cram everything into a closet and arm sweep everything off the counter into a drawer.  Scenes flash though your head.  What if she needs to use the bathroom? Last glance, no one had flushed and the toilet paper had rolled into the hall. Hardened toothpaste blobs dot the sink.  The soap scum in the tub is so thick it doubles as a non skid surface.  The dust coating on the TV stand could be mistaken for a chalk board.  Crumbs stick to your feet as the dog licks sticky spots off the floor.  Did someone spill coffee grounds?  OMG! Those are ANTS!


You never imagined it would come to this.  This mess, this chaos, this loss of control is messing with your psyche.  You feel overwhelmed and embarrassed.


The bad news is you must admit that you just can’t keep up.   But the good news is you are not alone and we are here to help!


Everyone needs help with something.  We hire CPAs to do our taxes, Chiropractors to fix our backs, stylists to help us with our hair, Plumbers to fix our leaks, trainers to fix our bodies, landscapers to cut our grass, tutors to help our kids succeed, etc.  And no one feels guilty.


When it comes to house cleaning, some view it as a luxury service only available to the rich and famous!  Realistically, however, hiring a cleaning company is often a practical necessity that offers many benefits!  No one should be ashamed to ask for help! 


First, it will give you something to look forward to!  Clients rave about how much they anticipate returning to a clean home on “cleaning day”!  Cleaning day is a “HAPPY” day!


Second, it frees up your time so you can focus on what brings you joy. The average home requires one person 4-8 hours to do a thorough cleaning! It would take one person about 1-2 hours cleaning/day (in addition to working full time) to maintain a clean and organized home; Or just spend one full weekend day cleaning.


Third, science shows that a clean, organized home reduces stress, anxiety and depression.  An aesthetically pleasing, clean and clutter free home promotes positive stimulation to the senses of sight, touch and smell resulting in a calm, clear mind. It has also been shown to improve sleep!


Fourth, science also shows that a clean home reduces allergy, asthma attacks and frequency of illnesses.  The less dust, dander, mold, mildew, viruses and bacteria in your home, the healthier you will be. 


Finally, regular cleaning keeps your furniture and appliance warranties effective. Failure to maintain certain counter materials, flooring and wood finishes properly may inactivate the warranty if you failed to care for them correctly.  Proper regular cleaning and care will prevent dulling finishes and accumulation of dirt and grime enhancing the longevity of your purchases. 


There is no doubt cleaning is hard work and time consuming.  Hiring a professional cleaning company may seem a bit extravagant at first.  But once you and your family realize the dramatic improvements to your quality of life, cleaning professionals quickly become an expense that makes sense!


Please check out our before and after pictures as well as our client testimonials to  see the impact our service has made for families like you. 


PEPERCAM CLEANING is your Key Cleaning Solution to Conquer Chaos!