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When you open your garage door, does it look like a race car track with tire marks from mud, oil spills, mounds of rock salt, piles of leaves, old paint cans, propane tanks, cob webbed golf bags, old worn shoes, tires, rusty unorganized tools, kids bikes, garbage, smelly, sporting equipment?


Do you wonder where the car would fit??


Is there a path cleared from the garage door to get into the house?


We offer:

  • Garage clean outs

    • Level 1: Basic removal of unwanted  & perishable items, general cleaning and removal of cobwebs, dirt, leaves, rock salt, etc and sweeping and organization of remaining belongings

    • Level 2: Includes Level 1 and power washing walls and garage floor

    • Level 3: Includes Level 1 & 2 plus painting and storage units or shelving installation

Basement Clean outs


Shane wants your garage to be as neat and organized as his!

Every garage should have room for a car! He will clean and organize that space so your car will feel at home!


Call PEPERCAM CLEANING at (724) 519-8107 to schedule your pit crew cleaning AND ASK FOR SHANE.