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A Proven Strategy Has Helped Sellers Get MORE Irresistible Offers!!!  

If the money is in the HOME, then the magic is in the OFFERS.

When BUYERS walk into your home or property, there are a few important components that work together to either pull in visitors or turn them away. 

Who Wants To Pull In More Buyers...ONLY if "you said" I-DO ( Then here’s how you can get top dollar and start. . .)?


  • Realizing how savvy realtors use powerful 'triggers' to generate swarms of buyers, instantly! (and how you can benefit, too!)

  • How to Get Started attracting THE RIGHT Buyers AND get them to make offers on your home with No Time at All & With Very Little Effort on your part!!!

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  • Find out how to create a stunning environment that will transform visitors into responsive buyers!

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  • How you can make the smallest changes and achieve the biggest effect! 

  • Sell your home in the least amount of time, for the maximum value.

  • Spruce up the inside of your home – and make sure you realize your home’s maximum potential, and this will put you on the fast track to impressing prospects and selling your house! 

  • Create the perfect first impression on prospective buyers! 


According to Psychology Today: Dirt, GrimeMuckRubbish And Filth inhibits creativity and productivity, part of the mind that allow most people to think, brainstorm, and problem solve. Doesn’t that include the buyer's. . .Buyers need those mental faculties to purchase your home? (This ensures your home is just what your buyers have been looking for!

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Otherwise You HAVE. . .

The BIGGEST Turnoff That Could Affect The ( PRICE & The Offer ) Of Your Home!!!  "Though You Can't See It. . . It Is Pounds Of DEAD Skin Cells In Everything. What Do You Think DUST IS? It's In The Place Where YOU LIVE Right Now, Even In The Place YOU'RE Trying To Sell? . . ."

This Is Why You Feel Slow, RUNDOWN Or Feel Sick Sometimes?

NASTY,  But True. . . Every minute of the day we lose about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells off the surface of our skin. So just in the time it took you to read this far, you've probably lost about 40,000 cells.


Because You Want To Sell The  House HERE IS The Secret Weapon That Gets The Job Done. . .


Introducing the Most Powerful Strategy you can use this side of the planet to remove "THE COOTIES" without being a KUNG FU MASTER or Dermatologist is referred to as a "move-in ready HOME and it can increase your VALUE, and that value needs to instantly appeal to those visiting your “home or property”. 


WHAT you offer is just as important as knowing WHO you are offering it to. Because 14% of buyers purchased brand new homes, while 86% of buyers purchased previously lived-in homes.


In order to create an incentive that will truly connect with your target buyer, you need to survey your market and understand what they are interested in, and what they really need. Your Realtor Can Help HERE!!!


Evaluating your market is very easy to do, in fact, they can analyze your target buyer in a matter of a few minutes, and be able to come up with an incentive that they'll find absolutely irresistible.


Not only do realtors have incredible tools at helping you define what's important to their market, but often times you'll be able to generate fresh ideas for follow up services based around existing demand.


And that's important. You really want your home or property to represent A move-in ready HOME to your buyers. The first offer draws in DESIRE, and then follow up offers maintain the momentum, helping you maximize your revenue.


This means that your incentive offer MUST be very real plus done at a professional level and targeted towards what the majority of 86% of BUYERS who would be interested in ownership of their new home.

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Let's Say. . . 


Every Realtor Can Relate To Having OPEN houses and if. . . Kathy and Jim, plus there 2.1 kids view your property in the morning, then come back in the afternoon and ONE more time.


(The likelihood of them making an offer goes up by 90% or more. (Don’t Believe Me Ask A Realtor If That’s True). That should get your blood pumping.

What Sellers Should Be Looking For When Using This Service?” You Can’t Put A Decision This Massive Into The Hands Of Anyone Else. . .


What if this can HELP you get 6 or 7 more Kathy and Jims’ who are eager to make an offers for YOUR HOME? . . .(see “through the eyes of the buyer” how your home could stand out above the rest, and you’ll soon have buyers lining up wanting to buy your house!)

If you’d like to learn more about these and other improvements and how they impact OFFERS, feel free to get in touch — shoot me an voice mail or give me a call at (724) 519-8107 (9am to 5pm)

Look forward

to hearing from you! 

Within 90 Days Or LESS!!! 

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   ( Offers = CASH And  CASH IS KING.) 





It is no secret that a well maintained, clean and appealing home has a far better chance of selling, at a higher price and more quickly than a home that could use some work and attention.


Keep in mind that first impressions always create lasting impressions. Nothing could be further than the truth when it comes to real estate.


Of course, this does not mean you need to embark on a major renovation project in order to sell your home. There would be no guarantees you would be able to recoup the costs of such a large and expensive project.


Instead, it is better to take a more conservative approach and look at the possible cosmetic improvements which can be made to create an overall improvement. Such improvements might include refinishing, painting, cleaning, etc. These projects do not require much in the way of capital; however, they can make a tremendous improvement to the overall look of your house.


Before you take on any projects; however, it is important to remember that you are fixing up your home for the purpose of selling it. Avoid personalizing the improvements you make as this can limit your market. A limited market means you will usually endure a slower sale and possibly a lower sales price.


Your goal should be to make the home as clean, attractive, well maintained and presentable as possible. 

Making Your House Stand Out

In today’s market, most home buyers will see numerous homes. It is not at all uncommon for buyers to see at least a dozen homes, so it is important to make sure that your home is the one that will stand out in their minds.


There are good ways; however, to make your home stand out and then there are bad ways. At all costs, you must avoid the bad ways of making your home stand out. Focus on the good ways instead.


Consider this for a moment. If you saw five houses this week and another five next week, how much do you really think you would remember about each house? Chances are you would only remember one special little detail.


Taking the time to add those special little details that will make your home more memorable will increase your chances of selling. Aim for adding something that is different and positive to set your home apart from all of the others that prospective buyers will view. LET'S SAY. . .

Anxious Buyers Are Now Ready To See Their New Purchase! No Worries, The Bathroom Is Safe And Ready For Use!

Pre-listing deep cleans help sellers get their homes sold 40% faster...When listing a home, first impressions are VERY KEY...

because, immediately buyers can notice cleanliness and pleasing odors. These can make or break offers!

“I think you get the idea...and I think you agree that If We Can See It And Reach It, We Will Clean It...And this gives you an advantage over the other house down the street that's for sale...”





Who has money left over for immediate renovations after down payments, closing costs and moving costs...but at least now they can look forward to move in ready conditions with a sigh of relief!

Knowing PEPERCAM CLEANING has already done the laborious job of pre-listing deep cleaning and now the excited new owners can start putting their items away immediately.

“Please don't put this off. You can see by what our customers are saying that this is truly and honestly the real thing. If you're serious about getting your home sold and saving thousands of dollars as I am, then you're gonna want to try our cleaning service just as soon as possible - you'll feel the results almost immediately... after we are done cleaning.”

"You’ve seen the results. It’s undeniable that this just flat-out works! And no matter what, your investment is fully guaranteed! So now it's time to take that next step. Leave A Voice Mail, and let’s get started right now."

Get top dollar for your home.

And Who Really Wants To Pull Out The Cleaning Supplies And Mops After Moving Into Their New Home?


PEPERCAM CLEANING focuses on the whole house and not just the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathrooms...

Because, some buyers notice the furnace area and hot water tank area also. So, we assure each room and area gets the full attention and satisfaction your home requires.


PEPERCAM CLEANING is now offering a 90-day program that includes one initial deep cleaning for your home followed by two monthly maintenance cleanings thereafter. 


Cleanliness is a major factor that affects the chances of getting the best offer possible. We can help you achieve that goal!


The following is a list of items included in a pre-listing deep clean that are addressed to ensure the home is move in condition for a potential buyer.


Here are some the finishing touches our cleaning service can bring to your home:


Spotless kitchens with pristine appliances: Deep cleaning (scrub, disinfect & deodorize) including all inside and outside kitchen cabinets, shelves, drawers, appliances, windows, ledges, blinds, light fixtures, ceiling fans, switch plate covers, spot clean walls, remove cobwebs, disinfect counter tops, sinks, wet wipe all baseboards, wood trim, door handles, sweep, vacuum, scrub & mop kitchen floor.


Front entry and foyers that result in grand entrances: Spot clean walls as needed, wipe switch plate covers, front door, clean glass screen door, wipe edges, baseboards, remove cobwebs, clean inside closet, sweep, vacuum, mop floors.


Living room, dining room, family room, game room, den or office where family and friends can gather: Remove cobwebs, clean vents where needed, wipe all switch plate covers, outlets, baseboards, spot clean walls as needed, clean inside window and ledge, sliding glass door and track, sweep, vacuum carpets and mop floors.  


Powder room, laundry room, mud room:  Remove cobwebs, clean light fixtures, mirror, switch plate covers, doors, windows, disinfect sink, counter, cabinets, closets, washer, dryer, vanity, scrub & disinfect toilet, wipe baseboards and hand clean floor.  


Hallways: Remove cobwebs, spot clean walls as needed, clean inside closets, clean switch plate covers, doors, wipe baseboards, vacuum carpets.


All steps and staircases: Sweep, vacuum, hand wipe railings, spindles and decorative wood trim.


Rest peacefully in their Bedrooms: Remove cobwebs, spot clean walls, clean switch plate covers, ceiling fans, inside closet, doors, handles, inside windows, blinds, ledges, wood trim, baseboards, vacuum carpet.


Bathrooms that you aren’t ashamed to let buyers see and use: Same as bedrooms plus clean mirror, light fixtures, scrub & disinfect sink, counter, toilet, tub, shower, medicine cabinet and under counter storage and hand clean floor.


Basement and Garages that you don’t have to be afraid of: Clean light switch covers, clean railing, scrub and wipe off all basement steps, remove cobwebs, sweep debris. Clean basement window.  Remove any remaining garbage from home.

Note: Price is determined by the following factors: size of the home, the condition of the rooms, amount of pet activity, amount of time since last cleaning, etc.


PEPERCAM CLEANING is the professional cleaning service that can help guarantee your home is ready for showing and move in condition upon completion.

These are just some of the pre-listing deep cleanings we did...out of hundreds!!!

“Here’s All You Need To Do RIGHT NOW...”  call PEPERCAM CLEANING at (724) 519-8107