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How Can A Clean Home Improve Your Mood?

  • Your mind associate’s dirt with chaos-remove the dirt, no chaos. Pretty simple idea. Not understood by most people.

  • Your health improves when you remove dirt. Your breathing gets better…your sleep gets better…your communication with your family improves AND that leads to the next question.

  • Who wants to live-in a dirty home? Have you heard people say…I want to move-in a dirty house because it was cheaper?

  • Your relationship also improves-what are you going to fight about, cleaning, nope it’s clean. You’re always going to have things to do, but cleaning doesn’t have to be one of those things.

  • Your time-you will gain more time back and do the things that make you happy. What makes you happy? What are you missing out on? What else can you do, instead of cleaning your house?

  • Have you ever been in a clean house that you visited before? Did you feel relaxed being in that house and want to stay? Again, Pretty simple to understand.

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